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14 Methods to Appreciate the Holy Spirit’s Existence in Company Settings

14 Methods to Appreciate the Holy Spirit’s Existence in Company Settings

To have the privilege of enjoying the Holy Spirit’s existence, we need to 1st recognize that Jesus still left Him on earth to be the chief, the guideline, and Comforter to the Church. The a lot more we know about the Holy Spirit His job in helping the Church, and His job in our personal life, the increased we will see His manifestations in our person lives, as perfectly as when we arrive alongside one another as a team–corporately.

When we appear jointly in a corporate placing, for company praise, worship, prayer, preaching, bible review, or what ever the objective: The scriptures suggests where by there is two or more, collected collectively in the name of Jesus that the Holy Spirit is in the midst. But before He will manifest Himself (demonstrate that He is existing), there ought to be a specific ambiance developed for Him to display up.

I’ve detailed fourteen issues I have discovered all through my just about thirty decades in ministry on how to build an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to go in our providers. This relates to corporate praise and worship–not private devotion.

  1. In advance of beginning any support, there must be one particular individual who is acknowledged or specified by the team as the chief of praise and worship. This is significant because each time God’s folks arrive collectively, an individual have to get the lead. The Holy Spirit honors authority and leadership. Why? Because it was ordained by God the Father. The Holy Spirit understands His area inside of the Godhead and He performs inside of the authority God has presented Him. He will not usurp His or any just one else’s authority. He seeks no praise or worship for Himself, only that believers will praise and worship God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son.
  2. Acknowledge that anytime God’s people (2 or 3) obtain collectively in the name of Jesus, He is instantly there in the midst. Even nevertheless He is there, He will not routinely manifest Himself except if He is questioned to do so.
  3. Once we know He is current, we should recognize and honor His presence.
  4. Invite Him to arrive into the assistance and inquire that His will be finished in the provider. This is required mainly because the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He is really delicate and will not keep any wherever that He is not welcomed or desired. He will not pressure His will on any individual. He will clearly show up but will not manifest Himself only if He is questioned or invited to do so. If He results in being grieved, He will depart. That’s why there are spiritual gatherings where by no make a difference how religious just one could be, you may not be capable to feeling His presence. Which is due to the fact the ideal environment has not been established for Him to manifest Himself. If the Holy Spirit results in being grieved by the leadership or by what is going on in that placing, He will leave and you will not sense His existence. Once more, He usually displays up when two or more believers arrive together in the title of Jesus, but He will not always manifest Himself for the factors I have indicated.
  5. As soon as the phase is established, by inviting Him into the company, everybody should get started to praise and worship Jesus Christ jointly. The Holy Spirit would like us to exalt the identify of Jesus that title that is over just about every title. Except if there is a praise and worship crew or a worship leader selected to guide the assistance, the just one who will guide the Body into company worship could not have emerged, as still. He or she is worshipping as element of the group–the company entire body.
  6. In the starting of praise and worship just before sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit you may well sense dryness in your phrases. The words remaining spoken to the Lord may feel lifeless like the Lord is not hearing you you may feel like your phrases are not going up to heaven but are just bouncing off the ceiling. This is simply because your brain and carnal feelings need to be cleansed and your carnal ideas have to be remodeled into spiritual feelings. Do not give up and do not despair at this issue mainly because this is the period wherever you are going from the flesh/carnal realm into the spirit realm. Often, it may well get a while for the group, or even the leader to crack by this realm into the spirit realm, and get on a person accord. Just preserve praising and worshipping God, and exalting the name of Jesus. Continue to keep speaking to Him and telling Him how significantly you love Him how wonderful He is and so on. This is in which a strong praise and worship leader, a minister, or a person who has been fasting and praying is incredibly vital. He or she will hold pressing by the fleshly/carnal realm and into the spirit realm with terms of praise and thanksgiving to God until eventually there is a breakthrough exactly where the existence of God begins to illuminate the guide worshipper, and the other worshippers. At this point, each and every just one who has tapped into the spiritual realm starts to feeling that God is listening to their words and phrases of praise and thanksgiving.
  7. By now, the praise and worship chief ought to have taken the guide and commenced to guide all other folks into music, psalms, phrases of exhortation, prayer, prophecy, and so on. Now, every person must be encouraged to communicate to and to express their private inner thoughts to the Lord. As an illustration, you could possibly be instructed to tell Him how superb He is how marvelous He is, how much you love Him how you count on Him and without the need of Him you can do absolutely nothing. If you do not know what to say, comply with the words of the worship leader, or you can get ready a head of time, by studying the Psalms of just one of the most famous worship leaders of all periods–King David. Create down some of the terms, statements, and music King David, the shepherd, the warrior, or the servant, applied to worship and enlarge the Lord. You could just want to study text of expression to God, straight out of the Bible. The purpose of this is to get your thoughts on non secular points and in contact with God. In typical worship, the Holy Spirit will react when we sing from our hearts, music to God and Jesus-not songs about Them. It is very vital that we sing to Him in praise and worship, and not about Him. This will bring His existence into a area more rapidly than everything. We see this when David sang and played his harp just before King Saul. The anointed audio introduced the existence of God and drove the evil spirits from Saul’s presence. David was a minstrel and this is the function of a minstrel.
  8. In the course of this time of company praise and worship, the anointing of the Holy Spirit will start out to rest upon 1 particular person in the team (this could or may not be the praise and worship chief). Whoever the anointing falls upon, that particular person should really get the direct in continuing to praise and worship by primary the group as far into the Spirit of oneness, as probable. The objective is to get everyone on one particular accord. The leader may modify from a person individual to another, in the course of the study course of basic praise and worship, or it may possibly be a single individual during the complete time who can take the guide and provides the group into the spirit of oneness. All of this is completed in unity…decently…and in get and with out confusion.
  9. When the group has moved from the carnal or fleshly realm into the spirit realm, anyone will be on a person accord and should really be sensing or feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit. Yet again, this sensing of His presence takes place by way of particular praise and worship, by telling the Lord how significantly you appreciate Him: in typical, just praising Him with particular words of love, gratitude and admiration, or by singing tunes to Him and not music about Him. A single by 1, as the group senses the existence of the Holy Spirit, that’s when pure praise and worship begins to acquire location, and the Holy Spirit’s existence will get more powerful and more robust. At this time more and far more people today will get started to sense His presence.
  10. The moment the group is on one accord, pure praise and worship is now heading up to the throne of God – to God the Father. In John 4:23-24 Jesus mentioned, “The hour cometh, and now is, when the correct worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth of the matter: for the Father seeketh this sort of to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him will have to worship him in spirit and in truth of the matter.” With any luck ,, just about every just one in the team is now sensing the existence of the Holy Spirit on some amount. Pure praise and worship is now going forward. The existence of God/the Holy Spirit must be strong at this stage. This stage of praise and worship will continue till the Holy Spirit starts relocating on the worship leader, or the minster to shift from company praise and worship to an additional way in the now spirit-loaded company. At this time just one person in the team–the pastor, apostle, elder, prophet, evangelist, instructor, musician, or so on, need to be anointed to take the direct and commence to movement in the Spirit by means of ongoing praise, worship, tunes, prayer, or some other manifestations of the Spirit.
  11. When the team is on one accord that’s when the Holy Spirit’s existence is the strongest. So, the greater the unity in the group, the more robust the presence of the God the Holy Spirit. The much more divided the group the weaker the existence of the Holy Spirit. If there is lots of bitterness and contention among the group, it really is very unlikely that you will sense His presence in a tangible way.
  12. When the existence of the Holy Spirit is robust in a group, and almost everyone is sensing the presence of God He starts to look for the people’s hearts for faith. When the He finds religion, He will start to move upon the individual with religion for him or her to talk to God for what ever is on their coronary heart. That person or persons will commence to perception the individual ministry of the Holy Spirit. The more powerful the group’s faith, the better the manifestation of the Holy Spirit will be both of those corporately and independently. As the Holy Spirit begins to minister personally to those people in the services there might be manifestations of joy, shouting, dancing, weeping, kneeling in worship or so on. If there is corporate religion for a sure want, the Holy Spirit will start off to encourage an individual who is anointed to minister in that place. The Holy Spirit may well start out to transfer upon a single individual or individuals in the group, primarily based on their individual anointings (abilities). That is when a single or more of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit may perhaps get started to work: The presents of divers tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecy the presents of the term of wisdom, the word of expertise, the discerning of spirits the presents of faith, performing of miracles and healings might commence to manifest. These are the 9 gifts of the Spirit (1Corinthians 12:1-11).
  13. The Holy Spirit manifests Himself via the nine gifts of the Spirit based mostly on the knowledge and maturity stage of the believers present. If pure religion, and dependency entirely upon God is demonstrated, He will get the job done miracles irrespective of the maturity and information of the believers. He is hindered from the biggest manifestations if there is unbelief and doubt in the team. The increased the question and unbelief, the much less He will manifest Himself. The much more religion and expertise of the Phrase of God is present, the increased the manifestation of His Spirit and Presence, and the greater the signals, miracles, miracles, and responses to prayer.
  14. He responds immediately to praise and worship that exalts Jesus Christ and notably to anointed music that is played and sang to glorify God and not the a single singing or participating in the instruments.

There are much too quite a few church products and services wherever the Holy Spirit’s presence is not welcomed or not understood. As believers in Christ, we need to welcome His presence in our midst–right after all Jesus claimed He would not leave us here comfortless but was heading to mail the Holy Spirit to have on His perform soon after He ascended back again to heaven.