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A Naturalist Perspective Reflection on the Movie The Lion King

A Naturalist Perspective Reflection on the Movie The Lion King

The Lion King is an ideal movie to observe for students researching the pure sciences. It capabilities the application of a number of principles that are tackled in the classroom, particularly the marriage in between distinctive organisms and their natural environment.

The film introduced the mother nature of the strongest consumer and predator nest to the guy in the Kingdom Animalia – the lion. In the movie, it was portrayed by Simba, the heir of Mufasa, as the king of Satisfaction Rock. The lion is regarded as the chief in its habitat since apart from its big size, thundering roars, and royal look, it is seemingly the most bodily potent amid all the other organisms. For this reason, Simba inherited the total kingdom of Satisfaction Rock, masking “anything the gentle touches.”

The Lion King showed the superior-natured Simba as sociable in nature, befriending other organisms as Pumba and Timon, and demonstrating kindness to these who have earned it. In actual lifestyle state of affairs, however, lions are only companionable to their fellow species, precisely, the associates of their team which is named the pride. The film confirmed this device as comprising a family as that of Simba and his close friend Nala. For the cause that male lions wander until finally they are fully developed, demanding some pride males from a different territory and having around that spot after they win, in actuality, lionesses dominate a pride.

Dwelling a sedentary existence by settling in a specific space where meals and water are abundant, lions just take the lives of weaker animals that belong to a diverse group, this sort of as the antelopes, zebras, and buffaloes as demonstrated in the film. Following feasting on a sumptuous meal, these carnivores rest for quite a few hrs after which they return to their innate looking way of life.

A further idea presented in the film is that of the tropical grassland or the savannah. Satisfaction Rock, which is the place of the movie, is an case in point of this dry and grassy simple. The film showed this kind of biome which is tropical in mother nature and is considerably drier than tropical rainforests. Exclusively dominant in the African continent, rainfall in savannahs is extremely seasonal and is normally followed by long durations of drought. This nature helps make them sparsely populated by trees which only grow where by there are deep cracks in the surface or deep soil, allowing get in touch with with the water beneath. Palm trees, fruit-bearing trees, and an substantial go over of grasses are present as the producers. They give foods for the animal inhabitants, which in the film are the lions, antelopes, and zebras. The conflagrations which broke out in the movie normally take place in genuine existence state of affairs. This phenomenon maintains plant-everyday living and stimulates the development of grasses.

The notion of the savannah debunks the usual reference to lions as “Kings of the jungle” considering the fact that these strong meat-eaters do not choose to live in jungles but alternatively in the open woodlands where trees are not plentiful. The Lion King proves the actuality that lions are inclined to live in savannahs since they appreciate the cool climate. Previously mentioned all, functioning at the rear of and catching their prey is fewer tricky for them because of their brownish yellow coat which permits them to be camouflaged in lifeless grasses which are comparable with their color. (Sheena Ricarte, Pure Science 13 course, De La Salle-College or university of Saint Benilde, 2004).