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Austin Real Estate Neighborhood Profiles – Tarrytown

Austin Real Estate Neighborhood Profiles – Tarrytown

While it may be difficult to choose from all of Austin, Texas communities in order to pinpoint the one that is most prestigious and most historic, few would argue that Tarrytown is definitely a contender. In fact, many residents would argue passionately that there are many things that in fact do make Tarrytown the most esteemed and the most richly storied in the area. Close to Austin’s downtown, Tarrytown is a neighborhood of businesspeople, politicians, artists and professionals. There are not many businesses in this part of Austin, but you’ll certainly find a stunning park and plenty to see and do.

Tarrytown is located between MoPac Boulevard, Lake Austin, Enfield, and 35th street. Exposition Street divides the community. With such a central location, Tarrytown residents are never bored. Nearby Tarrytown Park is just between Westover and Windsor. Reed Park is also close by, a perfect place for reading or just enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Nu Age Cafe in the Tarrytown Shopping Center is an excellent place to enjoy a delicious vegan or vegetarian meal while enjoying the eclectic atmosphere. There are more dining options off Town Lake Boulevard, including Hula Hut, a well-known seafood restaurant, and Mozart’s, which is where Tarrytown residents go for a relaxing coffee and sinful dessert. Late nights, Magnolia Café continues serving your favorite fare long after other eateries have closed for the night. If afternoon snacking is what you crave, Thundercloud Subs are a great place for lunch or a quick sandwich or soup.

For something a little more unusual, you can try The Tarrytown Pharmacy off Exposition street, which hearkens back to a time when the local pharmacy was a general store and a meeting place. Residents of course have easy access to all the great shopping and dining in Austin and a nearby Randall’s offers convenient grocery shopping to visitors.

Tarrytown residents have a long-standing love affair with the nearby lake. Many residents turn to the lake when they want a spot for a nice picnic or a fun afternoon on the water. In addition, many of the older homes are built with water views. One home in the area you will want to visit is Laguna Gloria. This Mediterranean villa was built on a site where Stephen F. Austin himself once planned to build his home. Originally, this stunning building housed the Austin Museum of Art, and special exhibits still are brought out to the lake, even the though the museum itself has moved downtown.

If you are thinking about moving to Tarrytown, the real estate market is all you could wish for. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are large, historic properties. Some luxury apartments are also available. With unique architectural details and beautiful properties, Tarrytown homes are sure to please.