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English Schools in Cyprus

English Schools in Cyprus

State Education in Cyprus

Education is free and compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 16.

Children may start school at three at state pre-schools. At the age of six, children must attend primary schools. From 12 to 18 years old children attend secondary school (although they can leave school at 16).

Every village that contains more than 15 school age children will have a school or a neighbouring village will have a school that will be able to provide for both communities.

A knowledge of the Greek language is essential if you wish your child to attend the state school system.

There are also private fee paying pre-school, primary and secondary schools available. These are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture but the running of the school is carried out by either religious groups or foreign bodies.

There are also International schools in the larger cities which are the best option for older children as the education will be based on the UK curriculum and taught in English.

Over 60{277c78aa290d8f501c629877238a9c1a70883a339b5673022297c3dde0ab24fe} of all secondary school leavers attend university.

Higher education is free for Cypriot nationals. You may have to pay as an overseas student especially if you have lived in Cyprus for less than 3 years. The embassy will help with more details.

The education system falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Culture. They manage appointments, promotions, disciplinary matters and regulate the curriculum.

Private English Schools in Cyprus

There are 17 private English Schools in Cyprus:-

American Academy

Private school in Limassol following the English National Curriculum. Ages from 2 to University entrance with full range of subjects at GCSE, ‘O’ Level, ‘A’ and ‘A/S’ Level. Preparation for TOEFL and entry to top universities. Tel: 7777 2277 Fax: 25 387 488

American Academy Larnaca

English speaking private international school in Larnaca at Gregori Afxentiou Avenue. Primary and secondary schools. Non profit making school where pupils take internationally recognised exams. Tel: 24 815 400 Fax: 24 651 046

American Academy Nicosia

Private, English speaking Christian school. Ages range from pre-reception through to university entrance preparation for IGCSE, A Level and LCCI exams. Located in Nicosia at 3A Michael Parides Street. Principal is Dr Joe Worsham. Tel: 22 664 266 Fax: 22 669 290

Foley’s Grammar & Junior School

Private, independent and co-educational British day-school providing English-language education for learners age 4 to 18 or 19 (A levels and university entrance). Licensed by the Cyprus Ministry of Education. At 40 Homer Street, 3095 Lemesos. Tel: 25 582 191 Fax: 25 584 119

G C School of Careers

Nicosia based English speaking private international school located at 96 Stadiou Street. Internationally recognised exams. Tel: 22 464 400 Fax: 22 356 468

Highgate School

Private English speaking nursery, primary and secondary school located at 25 Heroes Avenue, Nicosia. Pupils take IGCSE examinations and there are many extracurricular activities on offer.
Tel: 22 780 527 (primary) or 22 781 818 (secondary) Fax: 22 773 474

International School Of Paphos

Private English speaking international school located in Paphos at 100 Aristotelous Savva Avenue. Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools are all catered for in this school.
Tel: 26 821 700 Fax: 26 942 541

King Richard School

English school for the children of service personnel located in Dhekelia Garrison near Larnaca. Also accept fee paying private students subject to availability of places and security clearance. Following UK National Curriculum.l Tel: 24 744 776 Fax: 24 744 188

Logos School of English Education

Providing private individual teaching in a caring environment with a nursery and boarding facilities if required. GCSE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels offered with an Oxford recognised examination centre at 33/35 Aegialousa Street in Limassol. Tel: 25 336 061 Fax: 25 335 578

Papantoniou Institute

Foreign language institute specialising in teaching school age students and preparation for university entrance. Other courses are available for adults wishing to learn Greek. Two locations, one in Larnaca and one in Nicosia. Tel: 22 330 391

Pascal English School

English private school with sites in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol. Run as a 6 year English secondary school (not 7 year). Entrance exams in English and Maths. Priority given to high scoring students. Internationally recognised qualifications. Tel: 22 590 270 (Nicosia) 25 333 310 (Limassol) 24 813 Fax: 22 590 214 (Nicosia) 25 339 335 (Limassol) 24 534

St. John’s School Episkopi

School mainly for the children of service personnel in Cyprus, but also admitting some English speaking pupils subject to security clearance. Fees are payable for non service children.
Tel: 25 963 888 Fax: 25 963 708

The American International School

A private, co-educational, day school for primary, “Middle School” and secondary (or upper school) education. The curriculum fulfils requirements for MSA accreditation and the IBO (International Baccalaureate). At 11 Kassos Street, Nicosia. Tel: 22 316 345 Fax: 22 316 549

The English School Nicosia

English private secondary school based just outside Nicosia. Internationally recognised exams. Entrance is by examinations. Tel: 22 799 300 Fax: 22 799 301

The Grammar School Nicosia

English speaking private international school located in Nicosia at Anthoupolis Highway. Secondary school only, with entrance by examination. Exams taken are internationally recognised O and A Levels. Tel: 22 695 695 Fax: 22 623 044

The Heritage Private School

Private English speaking international school in Limassol at 15 General Makriyiannis Street. Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools within the system. Pupils take internationally recognised exams and are taught under the English National Curriculum. Tel: 25 367 018 (Primary) or 25 362 224 (Secondary and Fax: 25 359 977

The Junior School Nicosia

Private English speaking school in Nicosia, covering pre-reception, infant and junior ages (three and a half to twelve and a half). Following the British National Curriculum. Tel: 22 664 855 Fax: 22 666 993