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Teacher Oriented Teaching Methods

Teacher Oriented Teaching Methods

What is the teacher oriented teaching method?

In a simple and précised meaning, the Teacher oriented teaching method comprises of the ideologies and techniques used by teachers to pass learning to a student. These strategies are determined relatively on the subject matter to be taught. For a particular teaching manner to be suitable and effective it has to be in relation to the characteristics of the learner(students) and the type of erudition it is supposed to bring out. In the field of teaching, it must be taken into account not only the nature of the matter but also how student learn. The fact is that human advancement comes from reasoning, creativity, and learning.

While in teaching as a career, the teacher’s primary role is to coach and aid student learning and overall comprehension of the material. The learning of students can be measured through both appropriate and comfortable forms of assessment which includes: group project, student assortments, class participation, demonstration, recitation, memorization & cramming.

Approaches for teaching

The approach for teaching can be categorized into two major ways: Teachers centered approach & Students centered approach.

I. The teacher-centered approach: The teacher-centered approach deals with teachers as the primary active role in choosing what the student will learn, how to learn, and how the students will be assessed on their learning. The teacher serves as the main helpful figure that provides guidance and support for the students throughout their learning process. Here, the teachers put the student first through interest, abilities, application of learning styles and placing the student as number 1 in their heart.

II. The student-centered approach: The term student-centered approach refers to a wide variety of educational programs, learning practices, instructional approaches and academic -support strategies that are intended to address the distinctive learning needs, interest, aspirations, or cultural background of individual students and groups to students. In order to accomplish this goal, schools, teachers, guidance, counselors and other educational specialists may employ a wide range of educational methods. It is because this method encompasses a wide range of variety of potentials, plans, and educational programs.

Advantage of teacher-centered approaches

It brings about orderliness in the classroom, whereby students are quiet and there will be full retain control of the classroom and all activities.
It makes the teacher not to be worry that students will miss an important topic.
It makes the student learn on their own and make their own decision.

Disadvantages of teacher-centered approaches

It leads to students working alone not trying to collaborate with other students which bring problems to their communication.
It can be boring sometimes bringing wandering, thereby missing import facts.
Teacher-centered instruction can be boring for students.
It does not allow students to express themselves, ask questions and direct their own learning.

Advantages of students centered approach

It makes student learn important communicative and collaborative skills through group work
It makes students direct their own learning, ask questions and complete tasks independently.
It makes students be interested in learning activities when they interact with one another and participate actively.

Disadvantages of students centered approach

It can make the classroom to be noisy or chaotic.
It affects the teachers by managing all activities at once which can be difficult when students are working on different stages of the project.
It can hinder students to miss important facts because the teacher does not always deliver instruction to students at once.

In conclusion, in teacher oriented teaching method, both the teachers and the students are playing a crucial role in the advancement, accomplishment, support in the educational career as far as teaching is concerned.